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Subsection “Blocking apical constriction does not arrest SG invagination”, last paragraph. The authors state that "the significant 'wiggliness' of the AJs suggests a decrease of cortical tension." I think this is unlikely-in cultured mammalian cells, we and others have found that decreasing cortical tension (e.g., by Rok or myosin inhibition) leads to smoothly rounded cell borders – really wiggly cell borders are likely to reflect actin filaments oriented perpendicular to the membrane.

Subsection “Blocking apical constriction does not arrest SG invagination”. When during the process of convergent elongation of the organ primordium does Fog expression go off?

Subsection “Blocking apical constriction does not arrest SG invagination”. In interpreting their Dia-CA experiments the authors might take a look at Homem and Peifer (Development. 2008 Mar;135( 6 ):1005-18) in which it was observed that Dia-CA increased cortical myosin in the amnioserosa and altered apical constriction.

The only set of data I found was weak was the attempt to rescue Fog by SG specific Fog re-expression. Given the likelihood that levels and timing were not precisely replicated, I think the speculation about non-autonomous functions was not well supported and I would suggest removing this data.

Discussion. The authors mention a number of times the incredibly provocative fact that they may have identified a GPCR related to Mist expressed in the SG. This would be very interesting, but the degree of discussion of this unpublished data in the manuscript seemed unwarranted unless they wanted to add this data.

Subsection “Additional morphogenetic processes take place during SG invagination”, last paragraph. The authors should add the data showing that the tissue level circumferential myosin cable does form in fog mutants – this is a key part of their model. More generally, I think a more careful description of the progression of junctional myosin in wildtype and mutants would be beneficial – it appeared, for example, that it was AP planar polarized before the process began.

The final circuitry diagram in Diane Pleated Shorts in Mustard Lucy Paris Popular Online Buy Cheap Footlocker Finishline Get To Buy How Much Vccsp
is nice but would be better if supplemented with a diagram showing the cell shape changes themselves and how the authors think apical constriction and tissue level constriction work together.

Reviewer #2:

The manuscript describes the cell biology behind the invagination of salivary gland primordia in the Drosophila embryo. The changes in cell morphology that occur during this process has been published previously, but the present paper incorporates new features (e. g., the pulsatile apical medial myosin networks) that allow comparison to other well characterized morphogenetic movements in Drosophila , especially the ventral furrow and posterior midgut. In many respects (e. g., the involvement of RoK and Folded gastrulation) the SC pathway shows a regulation of apical constriction and myosin activity very similar to these other processes.

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Map-reduce operations can handle complex aggregation tasks. To perform map-reduce operations, MongoDB provides the mapReduce command and, in the Limited Edition Cheap Price Satin OneButton Blazer DKNY With Credit Card Online TRfti2
shell, the slim fit knitted top Multicolour Chinti and Parker Sast For Sale Wykul
wrapper method.

If the map-reduce data set is constantly growing, you may want to perform an incremental map-reduce rather than performing the map-reduce operation over the entire data set each time.

To perform incremental map-reduce:

Consider the following example where you schedule a map-reduce operation on a sessions collection to run at the end of each day.

The sessions collection contains documents that log users’ sessions each day, for example:


Run the first map-reduce operation as follows:

Define the map function that maps the userid to an object that contains the fields userid , total_time , count , and avg_time :


Define the corresponding reduce function with two arguments key and values to calculate the total time and the count. The key corresponds to the userid , and the values is an array whose elements corresponds to the individual objects mapped to the userid in the mapFunction .


Define the finalize function with two arguments key and reducedValue . The function modifies the reducedValue document to add another field average and returns the modified document.


Perform map-reduce on the session collection using the mapFunction , the reduceFunction , and the finalizeFunction functions. Output the results to a collection session_stat . If the session_stat collection already exists, the operation will replace the contents:


Later, as the sessions collection grows, you can run additional map-reduce operations. For example, add new documents to the sessions collection:

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