Online Resume


To find an opportunity that allows me to be on the cutting edge of technology and design, and allows me to contribute my skills and ideas towards new and exciting possibilities.


  • Applications
    • Development
      • VS 2005, VS 2008
      • Eclipse
      • XCode
      • Interface Builder
      • Vi
      • Adobe Flash CS3/CS4
      • Adobe Flex 3
    • Source Control
      • Bugzilla
      • Perforce
      • SVN
    • Multimedia
      • Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4
      • Adobe Illustrator CS4
      • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
  • Languages: Followed by related experience
    • C: 2+ Yrs
    • C++: 3+ Yrs
    • C#: 1 Yr
    • Objective-C: 1 Yr
    • OpenMP: 1 Yr
    • MPI: 1 Yr
    • Actionscript 2/3/AIR: 1 Yr
    • XML: 1 Yr
    • XHTML: 1 Yr
    • CSS: 1 Yr
    • JavaScript: 1 Yr


iPhone IR Accessory


Senior Design Project Capstone Project using the iPhone/iPod as a universal remote for multiple devices using various wireless protocols. Touch and Gesture control used to control items such as TV, Stereo, and Lights

Flash Based Touchscreen Device


Employer Project Complete development of a flash driven touchscreen controlled device. Flash/Actionscript driven UI which communicated with hardware via .NET application


Moto Development Group
Software Engineer

San Francisco
Jan. – June 2008

Project Brainstorming, Product Design, UI Design, Software Programming and Architecture Design, Systems Integration, Client Management, Partner Management, Client Demos, Product Documentation, Software Documentation, Product Testing, Feasibility Research

Ardence, A CITRIX Company
Embedded Systems Engineer

Waltham, MA
Jan. – Sept. 2007

Program Test Code, Test Design & Development, Debugging, Registry Manipulation, Bug Checking and Fixing, Scripting, Research, Network Performance Testing, Network Test Development, Extensive Project File Manipulation & Version Conversion

Ardence Inc.
Quality Assurance Engineer

Waltham, MA
Jan. – Sept. 2006

Software & Product Debugging, SMP Development Research, Test Creation, Script Writing, Test Plan Development, Quality Assurance Testing


Northeastern University, Boston, MA Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Minor in Business May 2009 GPA: 3.15

Courses: Advanced Topics in Algorithms, Parallel And Distributed Systems, Microprocessor Based Design, Embedded Systems Design, Networking, Digital Logic Design, Computer Architecture, Optimization Methods, Electronics, Circuits, Discrete Math, Accounting, Physics 2, Differential Equations, Calculus 2, Algorithms and Data Structures, Engineering Problem Solving, Technology and Human Value, Engineering Design, Physics 1, Calculus 1, Chemistry 1, Accounting, Intro to Marketing


Flash/UI Design, Mobile Devices, Inventing, Team Sports/Activities, Football, Basketball, Health, Music, Video Games/Game Design, Device/Furniture Mods, Movies, iPhone Development, Website Development, Non-Profit Groups, Brewing Beer, Sky Diving, Cooking