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This is historical material “frozen in time”. The website is no longer updated and links to external websites and some internal pages may not work.

For example a pattern library could contain designs for everything from articles and navigation to calendars and biographies.

A particular thing to note is that an object could have multiple states (as I mentioned earlier) and so would appear in multiple formats within a pattern library. For example a news story will look different on a details page than it would on a listing page. On the details page it would show all components that make up the story including the main content. However, on a listing page you may only show the title and a short extract.

This shift towards object-oriented thinking in design hasn’t just moved designers away from templates towards pattern libraries, it has also impacted aesthetics.

Look around a lot of modern websites and you will quickly notice a trend towards tile or card based design. Pinterest is probably one of the best known, but I have also seen the technique used on sites as diverse as universities or tech blogs .

It would be easy to dismiss this as just another passing fad, but I believe it is more than that. Card based design is the manifestation of this underlying shift towards object oriented thinking. Cards allow objects to be displayed in various ways based on different contexts either within your own website or elsewhere. Furthermore card based design is ideally suited to responsive design because the position and layout of these cards are easier to change than maybe more traditional design approaches.

We are seeing an evolution of the way we think about and design the content we are putting online. Where once it was all about your website, we now exist in a much more diverse online environment and our content needs to adapt accordingly.

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, , , , and requests – If the origin doesn't respond before the read timeout elapses, CloudFront drops the connection and doesn't try again to contact the origin. The client can resubmit the request if necessary.

The amount of time, in seconds, that CloudFront tries to maintain a connection to your custom origin after it gets the last packet of a response. Maintaining a persistent connection saves the time that is required to re-establish the TCP connection and perform another TLS handshake for subsequent requests. Increasing the keep-alive timeout helps improve the request-per-connection metric for distributions.


For the value to have an effect, your origin must be configured to allow persistent connections.

The default timeout is 5 seconds. You can change the value to between 1 and 60 seconds. If you need a keep-alive timeout longer than 60 seconds, request a change to the limit .

Optional. The HTTP port that the custom origin listens on. Valid values include ports 80, 443, and 1024 to 65535. The default value is port 80.

Optional. The HTTPS port that the custom origin listens on. Valid values include ports 80, 443, and 1024 to 65535. The default value is port 443.

If you want CloudFront to include custom headers whenever it forwards a request to your origin, specify the following values:

The name of a header that you want CloudFront to forward to your origin.

The value for the header that you specified in the field.

For more information, see Forwarding Custom Headers to Your Origin (Web Distributions Only) .

For the current limit on the maximum number of custom headers that you can forward to the origin, the maximum length of a custom header name and value, and the total length of all header names and values, see Limits .

A cache behavior lets you configure a variety of CloudFront functionality for a given URL path pattern for files on your website. For example, one cache behavior might apply to all .jpg files in the images directory on a web server that you're using as an origin server for CloudFront. The functionality you can configure for each cache behavior includes:

The path pattern.

If you have configured multiple origins for your CloudFront distribution, which origin you want CloudFront to forward your requests to.

Whether to forward query strings to your origin.

Whether accessing the specified files requires signed URLs.

Whether to require users to use HTTPS to access those files.

The minimum amount of time that those files stay in the CloudFront cache regardless of the value of any headers that your origin adds to the files.

When you create a new distribution, you specify settings for the default cache behavior, which automatically forwards all requests to the origin that you specify when you create the distribution. After you create a distribution, you can create additional cache behaviors that define how CloudFront responds when it receives a request for objects that match a path pattern, for example, *.jpg . If you create additional cache behaviors, the default cache behavior is always the last to be processed. Other cache behaviors are processed in the order in which they're listed in the CloudFront console or, if you're using the CloudFront API, the order in which they're listed in the DistributionConfig element for the distribution. For more information, see Path Pattern .

You will create:

When you're done, the folder structure will look like this:

src/ index.html main.ts main.server.ts tsconfig.server.json tsconfig.spec.json style.css app/ ... app.server.module.ts server.ts tsconfig.json package.json webpack.server.config.js

The files marked with * are new and not in the original tutorial sample. This guide covers them in the sections below.

Download the Tour of Heroes project and install the dependencies from it.

To get started, install these packages.

Install them with the following commands:

npm install --save @angular/platform-server @nguniversal/module-map-ngfactory-loader ts-loader @nguniversal/express-engine

A Universal app can act as a dynamic, content-rich "splash screen" that engages the user. It gives the appearance of a near-instant application.

Meanwhile, the browser downloads the client app scripts in background. Once loaded, Angular transitions from the static server-rendered page to the dynamically rendered views of the interactive client app.

You must make a few changes to your application code to support both server-side rendering and the transition to the client app.

Open file src/app/app.module.ts and find the BrowserModule import in the NgModule metadata. Replace that import with this one:

BrowserModule.withServerTransition({ appId: 'tour-of-heroes' }),

Angular adds the appId value (which can be any string) to the style-names of the server-rendered pages, so that they can be identified and removed when the client app starts.

You can get runtime information about the current platform and the appId by injection.

import { PLATFORM_ID , Ruffled Sleeve Top Maison Scotch Buy Cheap Visa Payment Limited Edition Cheap Online Official Site Sale Online Free Shipping Footlocker Finishline Cheap Order N5EBuSx43
, Gabrielle coat Green Sylvie Schimmel Discount Footlocker Finishline cqagn4
} from '@angular/core'; import { isPlatformBrowser } from '@angular/common'; constructor( @ Inject ( PLATFORM_ID ) private platformId: Object, @ Inject ( APP_ID ) private appId: string) { const platform = isPlatformBrowser (platformId) ? 'in the browser ' : 'on the server'; console.log(`Running ${ platform } with appId=${appId}`); }

A Universal app is distributed in two parts: the server-side code that serves up the initial application, and the client-side code that's loaded in dynamically.

The Angular CLI outputs the client-side code in the dist directory by default, so you modify the outputPath for the build target in the angular.json to keep the client-side build outputs separate from the server-side code. The client-side build output will be served by the Express server.

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