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Another world currency was proposed to use conceptual currency to aid the transaction between countries. The basic idea is to utilize the balance of trade to cancel out the currency actually needed to trade. [20]

In addition to the idea of a single world currency, some evidence suggests the world may evolve multiple global currencies that exchange on a singular market system. The rise of digital global currencies owned by privately held companies or groups such as [21] suggest that multiple global currencies may offer wider formats for trade as they gain strength and wider acceptance.

Blockchain offers the possibility that a decentralized system that works with little human intervention could eliminate squabbling over who would administer the world central bank. [22]

Some economists argue that a single world currency is unnecessary, because the U.S. dollar is providing many of the benefits of a world currency while avoiding some of the costs. [23] If the world does not form an wide leg jumpsuit Black Rick Owens Visit New Finishline Enjoy Shopping E6qKn5cOgG
, then it would be economically inefficient for the world to share one currency.

In the present world, nations are not able to work together closely enough to be able to produce and support a common currency. There has to be a high level of trust between different countries before a true world currency could be created. A world currency might even undermine national sovereignty of smaller states.

The interest rate set by the central bank indirectly determines the interest rate customers must pay on their bank loans. This interest rate affects the rate of interest among individuals, investments, and countries. Lending to the poor involves more risk than lending to the rich. As a result of the larger differences in wealth in different areas of the world, a central bank's ability to set interest rate to make the area prosper will be increasingly compromised, since it places wealthiest regions in conflict with the poorest regions in debt.

Usury – the accumulation of interest on loan principal– is prohibited by the texts of some major religions. In Christianity and Judaism, adherents are forbidden to charge interest to other adherents or to the poor ( Looking For Sale Online Free Shipping Low Price Fee Shipping Alexander Wang Woman Appliquéd Cottonjersey Tshirt Bright Pink Size XS Alexander Wang Cheap Limited Edition Quality Original Free Shipping Limited Edition sp8E2hp
25:35–38; Pay With Visa For Sale Crepe ruffle dress Proenza Schouler Store Online V0zEqKgbf
23:19). Islam forbids usury, known in Arabic as . [24]

Some religious adherents who oppose the paying of interest are currently able to use banking facilities in their countries which regulate interest. An example of this is the Islamic banking system, which is characterized by a nation's central bank setting interest rates for most other transactions. [ citation needed ]

However, studies by Smits et al. [31] have shown that the region on chromosome 3 (3p22–25) linked to BS appears to contain no modulatory subunits of the sodium channel, the pore-forming and modulatory components of the transient outward current, the L-type calcium current or ion channel components that could represent homologues of these proteins. The presence of conduction defects, as evidenced by a prolonged His to ventricle interval (HV) and PQ interval at baseline, and excessive QRS interval prolongation after Na + channel blockade are more likely to be seen in BS patients who are carriers of SCN5A mutation [31] .

Wang et al. [32] reported a family in which the proband had presented with first-degree atrioventricular block at the age of 9 years, progressing to complete AV block by the age of 20 years, and also another child in whom second-degree AV block had been diagnosed at the age of 6 years, progressing to complete AV block by the age of 12 years. Sequencing of the coding region of SCN5A revealed a substitution of serine for glycine (G298S) in the domain I S5–S6 loop and asparagine for aspartic acid (D1595N) within the S3 segment of domain IV. Both mutations are known to impair fast inactivation but do not exhibit sustained non-inactivating currents. The mutations also reduce sodium current density and enhance slower inactivation components. The summary of gene mutations associated with SCN5A gene is given in Table 1 .

Table 1

Summary of mutations associated with the SCN5A gene

View Large
Table 1

Summary of mutations associated with the SCN5A gene

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Mutations in SCN5A lead to a broad spectrum of phenotypes, including long QT syndrome, BS, SIDS (probably regarded as a form of LQT3), SUNDS and isolated PCCD (Lev–Lenegre disease) [2, , 4, , 28, , 38] . SCN5A mutations have been identified in the patients diagnosed as having this disorder, thus confirming that SUNDS and BS are the same clinical entity. SCN5A seems to play different kinds of roles, leading in an apparent ‘split personality’ clinically. Interestingly, death most commonly occurs during sleep in all of these disorders, suggesting a common mechanism.

Initially, mutations of the cardiac sodium channel gene SCN5A were identified as a cause of a rare variant of long QT syndrome, so called LQT3. The LQT3 accounts for approximately 5–10% of the genotyped LQT families. This is characterized by prolongation of repolarization and ventricular polymorphic tachycardia, so called torsade de pointes, which may lead to sudden cardiac death (SCD). Exercise-related episodes (typically during swimming) dominate in LQT1, while rest or sleep related events are more common in LQT3 [57] . In contrast to LQT1, LQT3 patients are also at risk of the onset of cardiac events later in life.

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